The demos provide a good starting point to get familiar with OSM’s features.

Permissive Traffic Policy Mode

Set up application connectivity using service discovery without explicit SMI policies

Outbound Traffic IP Range Exclusions

Excluding IP address ranges of outbound traffic from sidecar interception

Ingress with Contour

HTTP and HTTPS ingress with Contour ingress controller

Ingress with Kubernetes Nginx Ingress Controller

HTTP and HTTPS ingress with Kubernetes Nginx Ingress Controller

Egress Policy

Accessing external services using Egress policies

Egress Passthrough to Unknown Destinations

Accessing external services without Egress policies

TCP Traffic Routing

Set up TCP traffic routing

Canary Rollouts using SMI Traffic Split

Managing Canary rollouts using SMI Taffic Split

Integrate OSM with Prometheus and Grafana

Describes how to set up an OSM-specific configuration and dashboards with your own Prometheus and Grafana stack

Cert-manager Certificate Provider

Using cert-manager as a certificate provider